Friday, October 24, 2008

Family and Friends accepting you beacuse of your sexuality

Wow this is a very touching but yet couranging and supportive piece of writing, I wish your family and friends could be more supportive and understand who you are and how you feel. And be happy for you that you have found someone you love and want to live the rest of your life with them.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!Congratulations, your opinion pieces pissed me off!!!! Throughout your whole argument you constantly contradicted yourself. How is it that the popularity of interracial dating is proof of racism?

Instead it seems you are the living proof of racism since you perceive interracial dating as a form of bringing back the wounds of the past, judge black men as being foreigners and white women as ugly because they are in interracial relationships. Because to me, interracial dating is living proof that racism is the past and that the youth of today have come to unite and moved away from such stigmas.

We are all DIFFERENT; whether we date people from the same or different race as ours they will always be complications. You could be black or white you will still have to learn about your partners hereditary.

Stop being ignorant because the physical can be blinding; it’s really not about being black or white, or who is wrong or right. None of use are perfect but, you need to start looking with the eyes of the heart because this is the only way you will find happiness.

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!Congratulations, your opinion pieces pissed me off!!!! Throughout your whole argument you constantly contradicted yourself. How is it that the popularity of interracial dating is proof of racism?

Instead it seems you are the living proof of racism since you perceive interracial dating as a form of bringing back the wounds of the past, judge black men as being foreigners and white women as ugly because they are in interracial relationships. Because to me, interracial dating is living proof that racism is the past and that the youth of today have come to unite and moved away from such stigmas.

We are all DIFFERENT; whether we date people from the same or different race as ours they will always be complications. You could be black or white you will still have to learn about your partners hereditary.

Stop being ignorant because the physical can be blinding; it’s really not about being black or white, or who is wrong or right. None of use are perfect but, you need to start looking with the eyes of the heart because this is the only way you will find happiness.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

comment on opinion piece
I don’t like the way you go on about ‘darkies’, first of all I find the term ‘darkie’ offensive to me. I hear all what you say about sticking to your own kind, maybe you were once rejected but that does not mean every interracial couple will not succeed because of public discrimination. You go on about people having to choose their own kind not considering the fact that you fall in love with the person sometimes. Maybe to you it’s about choosing ‘Mr Right’ but sometimes the heart choose on its own who to fall in love with. To some of us its all about love we do not care who says what!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Are Rhodes Students Snobs or They Are Influenced By The Gtown Environment??

Looking at ones background you will get the sense of different indigenous cultures and traditions at Rhodes. However coming this little gurgle like – “world of fantasies for many students” Rhodes turns a blind eye and students adopts the aura of Rhodes, because Rhodes is predominantly white, being civilised, western and having the famous Paris Hilton’s accent is becoming a norm and regarded as being a snob.

Transformation and development in one’s life is not being snobbish but exactly progress in ones existence. Walking around campus with your iPod singing your favourite Britney Spears “Oops I did it again”, using the latest apple laptop for your assignments and diminishing from the typical Xhosa broken English to the “posh” Paris Hilton accent is not being snobbish. However little Grahamstown seems to be the world of dreams for many students as they are free to be what they want to, and allowing themselves to be transformed and venture into different cultures but yet adopting the Rhodes Culture is not being snobbish but letting the environment have an influence on your personality but not your values, roots and morals. But people outside of Rhodes see me as being snobbish just because I am part of the elite Rhodes students.

“She is such a snob and does not know her roots” my cousins would say just because I used the word expatiate instead of qonda (expatiate in Xhosa) in my sentence. Having to tell my cousins about my handsome boyfriend from Rhodes that I speak highly of is actually a “white” boy. “Are you serious?” “Are you crazy?” “Do you want to be white?” “Rhodes has turned you into a snob?” I was questioned about my “white” boyfriend by my cousins and the rest of the Port Elizabeth (my hometown) who think having a “white” boyfriend is snobbish.

I am not a snob now because I am at a posh or fancy varsity where public phones are referred to as Phone Booth or having to have a cheese and wine instead of “get together”. I do not understand how my pronunciation of the word determine without using the political accent of the word (de-te-mine) can identify if I qualify to be a Rhodes snobbish student or is my posture and the manner in which I interact with white people and have themed white dinner parties with The Thompson Family from Sandton.

I strongly believe that my presence in Rhodes amends and revive ones philosophical strategies but not in one’s being a snob. Coming to Rhodes has not changed me into a snob but into a better person that can easily influence the managing director of Media24 to let me shadow in his company for a week. Rhodes moulds its students by giving them the spotlight and letting us shine as bright as twinkling star in the dark sky. Rhodes is where leaders learn and creates the element of leaders with same level social standards and courtesy. Rhodes turned me into an independent, confident, philosophical balanced and well groomed with courtesy and negotiating skills and a perfect degree for my international ventures. Over and above, Rhodes hasn't changed us into a snobs but. On the divergent, it has given you a lease of life and the energy that goes with it . It is this characteristics that set you apart from other people who are less enthusiastic about this gift God gave to man – that is existence.

Moreover over the years Rhodes is regarded as the best institution for higher learning that accepts posh students from rich and powerful parents from all works of life. The good reputation of the institution is bound to spill over to its witty students. Contrary to popular believe, Rhodes hasn't changed its students into “snobbish” adult brats instead it has fine tuned the different personalities and broadens student’s horizons. Rhodents view the means of survival (this thing we call life) differently. However, the “snobbish” Rhodents still hold on steadfastly to their norms and values as we have not shunned our background. The body language and the manner we carry ourselves is not of snobbish or posh manner but exude our confidence. This buoyancy is misconstrued by some people as being snobbish, posh and bordering on utter arrogance.

Coming to Rhodes has not changed me into a snob but into practicing cultural relativism (accepting other cultures and not putting your culture as being superior).

Heredity is nothing but the Environment is Everything to ones personality!!!!!


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Here, your one and only source of information into the lives of fist year students at Rhodes.

I am sure that we have all heard the saying that Rhodes University is one of the smallest campuses in South Africa, which is true. One of my closes friend couldn’t have put it better when she always says, “Rhodes is like a bubble”. Part of this bubble, you will also agree with me, you will find that they are interesting and inquisitive first year students. I am sure by now you are wondering what the point of me telling you this is. My point is; if you are going to take a small campus like Rhodes which is like a bubble, and place fresh inquisitive first year students what are you bound to find? Gossip!

So, if you think that first year Rhodes female students do not have lives because they are always gossiping about other people, think again. Let me try to break it down for you, we first year females are, captivating, spontaneous, inquisitive and, extrovert human beings. Bored we definitely are not! Make note that in the beginning of this article I never said first year females but first years in general, thus this would also include that guys as well are gossipers.

It has always been said that females gossip more than males. But today I am telling you that males also gossip too, if not more than women, studies from have proven that 33 percent of men gossip almost EVERYDAY compared to 26 percent of women. But, ask any man if they gossip, and they will immediately without thinking about it say NO. They assert that it is ‘networking’.

You need to understand that gossiping happens EVERYWHERE, and that EVERYBODY does it, it happens in the residence that people live in, the dinning hall, lectures and even mostly of time starts from people’s statuses or comments on The only difference is that men are not willing to expose themselves because they think that this will prove that they are not man enough. Well you see us ladies are man enough to say up front that it is gossiping and yes we do, do it. We do it because we try to have interest in people nonetheless, we also do it because this campus is small and other peoples intriguing stories are continuously being shoved right in front of our faces even when we do not care. So please, tell me who never gossips, and I will tell you that that person lives in their own isolated insignificant world.

If you think that Rhodes is a gossip jungle and keep on moaning that girls here should mind their own business, for you incomplete information they are not the only people who gossip. And secondly, you should know by now that Rhodes is a small Las Vagues island and that what happens on this island does not stay in this island. So I compassionately suggest that you eliminate all you friends, stop parting because it contributes to your intriguing public display of the things you do when you are off campus, keep your business to yourself and try to make it as privet as you can, if you can. Or simply just do not pay your MIP next year and go to the University of Cape Town or some other bigger campus.

Until next time, you know I am right!
Gossip Girl

Dont you think we've heard enough

By Babalwa Ngcwayi
I think I have I do not know about everyone out there but I’m tired. I mean everyday you hear Rat and Parrot or Equilibrium. Can’t you people just stop going on and on about EQ and Friars and all these other places that people go to on a Friday night to drown themselves in alcohol, because the first thing people hear about Rhodes University is that the students go to Friars and EQ to enjoy themselves. A person can do whatever they want to do but can you imagine someone asking you about Rhodes and you go on and say ooh it’s a very small town and a great place and that person will be like well what I’ve heard is that the students at Rhodes University drink a lot, do not forget when they say the students you are also included. Doesn’t that make you feel ashamed? Really now doesn’t it talk to me on this one.
Can people just stop going on about these places not that I’m jealous or anything I’m not its just that I think we as students are promoting the wrong thing and Rhodes University on the other side is promoting alcohol awareness. Just bring it down a bit is that too much to ask. I know everyone does not want to be lectured by anybody except their parents in other cases but don’t you feel ashamed when the lecture says “I know what you were up to this weekend, EQ, Rat &Parrot and Friars”. Maybe some of you do not care because you do not have that pride in yourselves some of you go on about freedom what kind of freedom? is that where you do not take care of yourself and just do whatever everyone is doing. That is just not right and first years you know that your parents did not raise you like that.
Every blog that I’ve come across it just has to have something about Friars and the other one actually said that “Friars is one of the great places in Grahamstown”according to this blog . Its irritating to hear the same thing all the time I get so annoyed. Yeah we do know places where we as first year students can enjoy ourselves by now there is no need to rave about it everyday its October for Heaven sake. If students want to go to EQ they are welcome to but imagine a first year student in 2009 the first thing they ask you is “Is it true that you guys drink all the time” what would you say in that situation? Yep!! That’s what we do how. What kind of example are you setting if you encourage first year students who have come to Rhodes University with new faces?

I know it’s your first year experiences but come on with thee accidents occurring like the recent rape and smuggling you have to be careful when you go out. Every first year students is going to go through this path and when the time passes they are going to realise that it was not worth it but for now its an “in thing”. Cheers Bubbles

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking The Plunge

Most students that come to Rhodes University for the first time generally are fresh out of school. Basically they will forth go their first prolonged trip that they will undertake, away from the confines of their beloved parentals that have nurtured them from that most joyous time in their life when they were born. That scary good-bye when the parents drive away on what seems an endless road and then they are gone you could not think of a brighter day because this is the step into your future. This step is the one which your parents have no control over, they are not watching anymore and it is time to spread our wings into a path of unknown.

There is one slight problem when rolling onto your two feet into the unknown, which is you do not know where to step first. Going with the flow seems the first option and you start thriving on that point, the first step normally leads you to party because you have no limits now on what to do and by this point you let loose and go crazy. It all starts with that one little taste of pure ecstasy that is going out and then you are hooked, some seem to fight the addiction but some fail miserably. This addiction comes with the fact that university in first year is blow off and we are here to have the time of our lives and not everything is about work. This is where people start to lack in their work, which for most during the old school days we were on tip top shape when it came to keeping up to day and not leaving anything to the last moment. Then comes the whole down fall of being a night fiend in the local pub when you spend a full night scheming across the key board to try and finish a assignment for the ten o’clock due time, the result no sleep. The conclusion, well you are obliged to go to lectures so you stumble into the theatre, enter the back row where you may be oblivious to the droning lecturer who is blabbering on in gibberish, then in moment notice your eyes give in and counting sheep becomes your next activity. The lack of sleep is the price to pay but there is no care in the act, you are a first year and at that moment you are having all you need to do is pass and there is nothing more to it.

So with all the antics that a student in first year it seems the same for most to find a reason to avoid the dreaded task of studying for examples going to gym and you study later but later comes and you are hooked to your computer hacking Facebook or watching movies. Tic- Tac holds a good reason on the status on where I am coming from stating, “there are many reasons the sleep deprivation monster comes to claim you as his own. Aside from the usual staying up too late, people's favourite excuse is studying for exams (Note to self: start studying sometime soon!). Probably a little closer to the truth, now is the time people choose to start stocking up on wild party memories as with the rapid approach of swot week many social lives are about to hit a deadening halt (”.

In the end we have to stand up to the wrongs that we encompass and learn from mistakes because university is not just about academic learning, but learning and testing your boundaries and realising who you are and where you want to be in the years ahead of you. That is what it is all about, life takes you in one direction but you are in the driver’s seat where you hold the power to shape your future.

Romantic Baggage Drags You Down

Being a first year student is all about independence, trying new things, meeting new people, spending your money on alcohol and definitely not for bringing romantic baggage. Part of the varsity experience is meeting new people who you find attractive and to explore with your sexual boundaries, without having to have a mental picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend in the back of your mind while you are making progress and may be well on your way to exploring new habits.
In my opinion starting an exciting, eventful adventure as a first year student at Rhodes cannot be reached when you are emotionally attached to a person that is far away while new talent is catching the corner of your eye every time you walk to a new lecture. Every time you enjoy an eventful night out, and I speak on behalf of the students at Rhodes when I say eventful, as absolutely anything can happen during your journey from the union all the way to friar tuck, as you encounter new energetic students that will most likely share the same party instincts as yourself. Sharing the same philosophy as myself on relationships is Pink Monkey, from, who believes that, “Long Distance relationships go with university like toothpaste goes with orange juice! When you go to university in another town you should break up with your boy/ girl friend because you will cheat on them.” As much as you think you have the will power to say no, the truth is that the temptation will always be there, at every bar and across every street. Its only human to get attracted to the opposite sex and want to get intimate, so rather safe yourself the pain and temptation and approach Rhodes as a single, excited new first year, open to all chances and challenges. In my experience, as my matric year came to an end, I told myself to let go of the past and to open my doors to new possibilities, not only because of matric rage which lay ahead, but I new I was coming to Rhodes, a university flooding with potential and talent, and I recommend this step to all matrics that are willing to attempt a long distance relationship. Within all relationships both partners are required to make an effort. With a long distance relationship the effort is just a bit more. It is about making a conscious attempt everyday to make your relationship work.
This is only my opinion, therefore I’m not telling you to just throw your relationship away, if you have a good thing going then by all means take the plunge, but most students know that it will make life a lot easier for both partners if you each start fresh as first year students. The commitment asked for a long-distance relationship is intense and it just builds up unnecessary stress onto yourself when you are actually here to have a good time, so to save yourself a lot of pain, stress and sleepless nights get rid of the itch and party hard.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mini-Tornado Ravages Grahamstown.

Who ever thought that a tornado would be hit Grahamstown let alone South Africa, the world is changing and becoming more unpredicatable and disasterous, what will be next? Here is the Scoop.

Port Elizabeth - The Eastern Cape has been hit by severe storms.
A mini-tornado struck Grahamstown on Wednesday, damaging buildings, while more than 75mm of rain has fallen in Port Elizabeth, flooding roads.
Several flights to and from PE have been affected by the rain.
The Port Elizabeth weather office has warned that the bad weather is expected to continue for the rest of the day.
Several roads in the Nelson Mandela Bay area have been flooded and many residents from PE's northern areas couldn't get to work because of this.
Pupils were also sent home early.
In Sherwood a house which had been struck by lightning, was razed.
Hail has fallen in both Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage.
News 24

Monday, October 6, 2008

Standing Amongst us Mere Mortals.

A hero may be defined as a man with distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Well that is just the basis on what is defined as a hero, but an individual that stands out amongst the many scoundrels that inhabit our promised land with the attributes to go a step forward where most do not dare to dwell, that is the significant factor that makes a person a hero.
The person, the man that I admire, is none other than Dennis Barrett, a first year BSC student presiding at the infamous Rhodes University. Before his admission to Rhodes, Dennis is from Benoni, Johannesburg and this is the place and the past of his life, which stood out for me. This is where his story began and caught my attention, for ten years of his life Dennis was home schooled, having no friends at all and with that no social life at all, only his parents and family to fill that void, but he did not mind. He said, “This is not a defining factor for me, I had my work, my family and I didn’t need anything else in my life, I can easily survive by myself and I don’t need friends to get me by from day to day”, laughing at the idea of the question.
Looking at me with that wicked smile of his he stated, “Being in home school was easy, the work was simple and nothing really challenged my ethics. So the times had come for change and to get out of the house hold, try something different and going across the country and away from my comfort zone seemed the best way to start a new chapter in my life”. Standing in from of his new residence, Jan Smuts House, for the first time, knowing nothing of its reputation, feeling more nervous than he has in his life and but stepping across the threshold none the less. Going through the steps of things, sighing back to the start, “I was apprehensive with what I was in store for me but soon got into the motion of thing, still didn’t need friends here and didn’t go looking for them, they found me”. Through Orientation Week it came to him that he had never saw this part of life, all these mad individuals running around with no care in the world, he did not know what was going on, university was a place to learn, not to go wild. His first taste of real party was the street party at the end of O-Week, “My first real taste of what it was to be free, my first taste of liquor, and not knowing my boundaries of this newfound glory, it turned into a messy battle to try to get home”. As time goes by the battle to win between his social and academic balance, the war always seems to favour Dennis, as his grades are one of the best in this institution, practically he is a boy genius.
Over the course of this year, he has not only survived all the perils that Rhodes has given to him but he has also survived the many challenges that he has come past on this twisted road. Going from this shy and yet innocent young lad, to the guy who is up for the conquest of his future and not backing down for anything that is being put in his way whether it being good or bad.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New meaning to the word "hero"

When we think of a hero we immediately think of someone who is strong, intelligent, and brave in an extreme situation, a warrior or a man admired for his outstanding achievements and noble qualities. An example of this prolonged definition would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed he is. But many different qualities than these have become noticeable. Courage, honesty, selflessness, and persevere are just a few other. A person who has outlived difficult journeys, challenges, endures much resistance, and learnt valuable lessons about survival and self-reliance by just being in first year, should also be considered a hero, such a person is Q Mabuza.

In the eyes of many, 20 year old Qawekazi, a young Zimbabwean first year student is another type of hero that almost no one is aware of. Sitting curled up in her bed with her hands across her legs, she comes to consciousness and begins to tell me about her life as a first year, and the risk that came attached with it. She explained to me in great detail that as an international student the admission process to any university is not very easy, that the only way she could attend university was for her to receive a bursary and study accounting “like most international students at Rhodes”, she said, adamantly.

Through her determination of wanting to further her education she received a bursary and made her way to Rhodes University. Her second and beginning of third term at Rhodes was a very tiresome time for her, she hated and wanted to change her degree and because of her June examination results, was informed that her performance was not satisfactory and was at a risk of exclusion from the university. Thus she did what she had always wanted to do, she changed her degree and decided that she was going to major in Drama. “Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist and more importantly, cancer survivor, has said 'if you ever get a second chance for something, you've got to go all the way.'” she said, with her crystal eyes staring at me and revealing the bright future that lies in front of her. She took that second chance as much as it was a risk.

Q had always wanted to study Drama but her parents would not allow her to. She justified her parent’s decision of refusing her to study Drama as the pressure of life’s social standards that parents need to maintain, which leads them to force their children into studying something that they are not passionate about. But Q became a survivor of her parents’ pressures into who she really was; a performer. Part of her challenging journey is the lie that she has kept from her parents, who currently believe that their daughter is studying accounting. “Its like fungi, it starts at one point and spreads through everything...eating away at my soul with every lie”, she said.

At the end of the year when her results come out, Q will have to explain to her parents why she changed her degree, in the hope that they will understand and her result will way the options in her direction; “so I’m a prisoner standing trial”, she exclaimed. In life many people make wrong choices that lead them to prison. She made a choice that is risky, but in the end, will free her of the shackles.

By Nkuli

Trust Yourself

“Letter to Shaz,” on the blog called pressure points, brought back the memory of a letter I wrote to my younger self. This letter (letter to Shaz) conversed about the experience of turmoil times during ones youth which result in the realisation of the importance of life and the appreciation of self.
To the writer of this letter I truly appreciate how you emphasised on the subject of friends and how friends have the power of persuasion; this evoked the memory of my letter on how persuasion leads to compromising of self.
Your words to Shazaad, spoke to me. My letter spoke to my younger self about my experiences and to learn from them, I wanted her to remember to always know who she is and where she is going in life. You told Shazaad not to neglect certain parts of life and said to, “trust in yourself, only you know your true limits and stick to your principles.”
I thank you for empowering her in every way possible, making her believe that whenever she is disheartened positive thinking will help her overcome anything. This will make our younger selves appreciate the beauty of their minds because beyond doubt, thoughts do manifest into reality.

From comment to

Friday, October 3, 2008

Standing next to an old rusty braai stand with nothing but her cigarette and an iPod whispering the lyrics “I wanna tell you something” in her ear to keep her company The grey white cigarette smoke flowing around her shaved off head that’s swinging to the sweet and slow rhythm of “I wanna tell you something” by Alicia Keys.

A first year BCom lass at Rhodes Cathrine “Cathy” Dlamini*, lives for smokes, shots and only met her lecturers twice in the first week of the first term. Its first term and everyone is buzzing around like bees with excitement to be in lecture halls and starting their degrees but Cathy had only met her lecturer twice in five lectures and her absence was of thin air like the wind with no direction, this 19 year old survived first year by taking risks. Not attending lectures in a first year is risky, periling you being excluded by Rhodes, by the faculty of BCom, by your folks and by your Equilibrum friends. Being a risk taker makes you realise and learn what kind of an individual you really are but yet it’s scary to find out who you really are after 18 years of your life being this one person but being another in only one year and it challenges yourself being and picking out the perfect but yet cool friends is a challenge on its own.

Freshman is all about challenges with risky businesses to survive all the obstacles and traumatising scenes that you are exposed to and explore your true self. The most risky thing in first term is being myself and coming out of closet and admit to being a lesbian. The risk of being looked at in a different way, being pushed disrespected by fellow students at Equilibrum just because of my sexuality and being called a “Moffie” and “Sqepe” (My short skirt) says Cathy with a humbled but sad tone. Homophobia is implied on campus, having to get ugly looks and whips after you walk by just because of your sexuality. “I am going to die a painful and sad death because of student apathy” she says with pain and tears in her brown eyes. “The death of Siwe – my brother hit home, could not work and dated many girls for the pain to fade away become a junkie with dull black clothing for two months” says Cathy* with a tears dripping like an open tap.

Cathy* befriended tequila shots and apple sour in times of need, 20 smokes a day damaging her lungs to feel better after all the “moffie” “Sqepe” calling and emotionally embarrassed most of the time, punching trees and walls. “I survived the atrocious looks for being myself by just being myself and not changing me because of other lost souls now after seven months of my survival of being herself I LOVE BEING GAY IN GRAHAMSTOWN” Cathy* says with a sigh of relief.

“You haven’t been eating!” say UMama from the dining hall, Molo sis” the housekeeper would greet in a very polite and motherly register the care, support and love in Grahamstown I made it, and survived my first year.” Says Cathy tossing a gold ball in the air and a big smile.

Yep that’s me!!!!

* not real name.

By Babalwa

Anelisa Mente is young lady who has come to Rhodes with a young face. On the surface she would struck you like a shy, happy and innocent person, but deeper than she is addicted to Mxit as she puts its. She said the problem started in 2006 when she was doing grade 11, but at first she was not interested but her friends were. So she wanted to see what all this fuss was about, so she managed to get hold of Mxit and she started to chat and she never stopped until now.

She said in high school she used to just copy someone else’s work and hand in but in university things are different there are rules like if you do not do your work you would lose your DP, so she has to do readings and make sure that she does not Plagiarise or she will get excluded so she does not want to take that risk. Even though she said that she adds “I will not stop mxing even if that’s the case”. If she still manages to get the passing mark she does not see any reason stopping her from using Mxit. Even if she is studying for a test she would get bored and decide to take a 30 minute break and that will end up being 5 hours or the whole day of mxing.

“Its like I’m addicted to drugs” said Anelisa scratching her hair. Anelisa said she knows how drugs addicts feel because she is in the same boat as them and her academic work is suffering. She said she rather sacrifice her pocket money to grocer airtime so that she can log on to Mxit. Even if she has to buy food she makes sure that there is money left so that she gets airtime.

“I think I can get good marks if I delete Mxit” she said scratching her hair again. She does her work and manages to hand in time but she does her work in a hurry not much effort is put in the work. “I do things at the last minute because I waste my time chatting on Mxit”. She manages to get the passing mark and if she continues to get that passing mark she would never stop mxing.

“There is nothing that I could do even if I want to quit but I will mange to get hold of Mxit again” Anelisa said smiling her hair falling sideways as she was scratching it the minute we started the interview. She said that she does not mind people moving on to Facebook she will always stick to what she love “Mxit” because she knows she is not technology advanced so she better stick to what she knows and not run after things that are too complex for her.

“As you can see Mtshana(me) I do not even comb my hair because I do not have time I’m always online so I do not care how I look” she said biting her nails as she claims that they are on the way she can not type properly.

Anelisa suggest that Rhodes University opens a rehab for Mxit and Facebook addict otherwise she can not stop mxing. “I know I’m a risk taker but what can I do” those are the words that came out from the brave lady herself.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A true First Year Hero...

Surviving first year isn’t easy for everyone as many different people experience different life changing experiences along their journey as a first year student. One particular student that captured my attention was a tall, short dark haired boy by the name of Patrick Vice. Patrick looks like an average student, but his first year experience at Rhodes is definitely one to be told, and appreciated. Patrick can be considered to be my “first year hero” as he is continuously taking risks with his life, risks that bring joy to one aspect, but jeopardizes another.
In the interview Patrick said that in first term he was a diligent student, always sticking to his daily routine and attending every lecture, but as first term came to an end he became more acquainted with the second years, which was a negative influence to his routine, academics and his health. “I became friends with the older generations and started partying more, and it dragged me down to attending 2 or 3 lectures a week.” Patrick is a BSC student which leaves him with almost no personal time at all. “I have three to four hour pracs every day, lectures, tuts and with the little time I have left I either gym or start drinking.” Patrick was really struggling to touch ground when he decided to get a girlfriend. “It affects everything; I’m spending more money now, neglecting my mates and have even less time to myself.” Even though Patrick’s day’s are filled with work and stress, he always manages to find time for what he loves the most, his sport. I really admire Patrick for making time for his sport, as it is the sport that brings him his most enjoyment in life, Patrick says even when his having a hectic day he will always make sure that he gets pleasure out of it, and make the most of his talents, even with a girlfriend draining him from his money, pracs draining his energy, he will always turn to the one thing that cannot be taken away from him, his ability to be active in as many ways as possible.
When asked what he hated the most about first year he said, “I hate having to put up with other alternative people, like the hippies, but generally I can get along with most people as I’m atheist and have liberal views.” Patrick still interacts a lot more with the second years but he has learnt not to be influenced into situations that discomfort him in anyway, therefore sticking to his own ideas and feelings. “I enjoy Partying with the second years, they are great guys, but sometimes they go a little overboard and that’s usually when I draw the line as I’ve learnt not to let anyone come in between me, my degree and my sport. Whenever time gets tough for me, I will always think about Patrick and his morals for life, we both love playing our sport, and he showed me that I shouldn’t allow anything to take away what I enjoy the most in life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Dear Kate

The time has come for you to spread your wings and fly away, to create a future that no one can create for you, but yourself. When I spoke to you on the phone last weekend you had such a distinct sound in your voice-of the grown, mature young women that you have become. I know that you are excited and very thrilled to be going of to university in a few months time. During your path to a new life always remember who you are and to stay true to yourself, never let anyone tell you anything different because only you know where you are coming from and where you are going to. This is the one life advice that a first year needs to know.

The experience of first year at university can not be described in one word. I truly can not say that they is one particular incident that I remember which stands out form the rest about compromising myself, but I know that they are too many of them to forget. I had done it for friends, guys, and because of other influential things I came across, till I reached a point in my life were I changed so much that I could not recognise the person I had become to the person I really was. But through the beautiful mind that God gave me I came to realise my life purpose which is to achieve the unachievable. Nothing is as powerful as your thoughts, what ever you think of yourself will become.

Dearest Kate, I know that you will learn from my mistake and become a better person than the one I was in my first year. Appreciate and respect yourself as a person and others will do the same.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear little friend
I hope you are great and having a fabulous time. I’m writing to you about ways of making friends. You were always a lonely child at home and school never gotten exposed to people around you.” Remember that day when my friends from school came to visit and then mom said I had a headache even though I avoided them.” You were shy, anti-social and scared to talk to people. Self confidence was never one of your strongest points and you were a quiet person but you were good in terms school work. You were a top student in the class but not at making friends.

Its not that you are not a beautiful person but what lacked was confidence and trusting yourself. That made thing difficult for you and what was worse was not having a relationship with your mother. She was supposed to be the first person that was your friend. You were afraid to approach her and she was also very strict so you could not talk to her about anything. Mothers really do help a lot, they know you better than anyone they can tell when you are troubled by something and when you need money. Having a relationship with your mother is a good foundation it means that you won’t have trouble making friends.

Friends are very important to someone’s life they are always there for you whether you don’t want them to be there. What I want to tell you is that you can make friends there is no need to be scared of people. All you need to do is just is start by smiling and then you talk to the person, and you develop a friendship. A smile says a lot to someone like a smile can tell that you are a kind, loving, amicable and beautiful person.

First you must love, respect and appreciate yourself before people love, respect and appreciate you.

Your loving friend

A shared sense of a FRESHER!!!!

Dear Former Motlagae (Me)
I write this letter to tell you how excited I am that you are finally coming to Rhodes after all, I hope that the preparation of your tertiary arrival is going well.

It was at the cafĂ© on campus where a couple of first year students and I were talking about how first year is so complex and challenging. The most challenging aspect of coming to Rhodes is homesickness, homesickness can be a very cruel feeling that makes you feel like packing all your stuff and getting on the first plane to Johannesburg. I must tell you that coming to a foreign province that is miles and miles away from home, where you know no one but yourself at least you think you know yourself at that time before getting challenged with all the freshmen obstacles. Homesickness is one of the obstacles that you will face in first year, feeling like not seeing anyone, not getting out of bed and all that runs through your mind is getting home and staying there – not coming back to the foreign province where everything seem so nice but actually not nice if it is 16 hours away from home.

I must say when you first arrive at Rhodes you are overwhelmed by everyone trying to make you feel home the new environment where you start all over again and become whoever you want to be and what people already know you to be, but when homesickness strikes in your world becomes cold, lonely and feeling depressed. However you are a free spirited and outgoing person who adapts very easily to new places and makes friends quickly. We will be together far away from home just like we always imagined that we would study far away from home.


Life as a Rhodent...

My innocent friend Struan, My first year experience has been an absolute blast so far, filled with parties, forgotten nights and laughter. Every day is packed with work, excitement and a new adventure which could either end in complete work, partying or sleeping. You know we find it hard to plan our lives properly, when it comes to departments such as money, time, work and friends, cause that’s where I struggle and I know you will too. I know you like to party a lot and enjoy your social life, but start balancing your work with your social life now because right now I can only focus on one or the other, I’m really struggling to create a balance, and at the end of the day it starts affecting our academics. Leaving our work for the last night was alright back in the school days, but this nasty habit has followed me on and I can’t get rid of it.
We both know how much we enjoy an ice-cold draught, well, then you can imagine how often I get distracted from my studies with the Rat ‘n’ Parrot just down the road from res, at the end of the day I’m more likely to end up at the rat with an ice-cold draught in my hand than to be studying for a psychology test. So even though we have a reputation to look after, choose your friends at varsity wisely because they play a large contributing factor towards us getting a degree or not, and you know how much we need that degree. I wish that we concentrated more on serious issues in life rather than partying, because it always seems to slow us down in life. I’m not saying that I regret having a good time, I just wish that I could balance the two a bit better.

The Path to Destiny.

Dear my younger and truant self,
At this moment in time, thinking on what to write to you and stating valuable information that you might need to possess and go into the right direction and path that will become your future. The path that you are upon is fruitful and entertaining, but toned with an informative and fun filled lifestyle that is destined upon through university and the upbringings of education, so find and balance it from social encounters and the reason you should be at university. Therefore, coming to the next state of my business, calm down on the drinking before it puts a never-ending hole into your future, as sometimes seems to cause a little ounce of trouble, which would avoid progression and install failure by decreasing your potential. Also, realise that going to lectures is an important part of your course and education, which you seem to lack now, so pick up your standard and create a different routine when it comes to this.
On a lighter note, never change whom you are and never get put down by anyone else because this is by far the most formidable and pronounced factor on what makes you who you are. The spontaneity in your life is what keeps you going, so just go with the flow and enjoy what is ahead of you. The friends you have now are all you need and you know how to define who is true to you, so you have no problems in deciding who will be there when it matters most. Remember that the future ahead of you is not just black and white like in high school but the life that is coming also contains shades of grey.
Keep safe and out of danger,
Warwick a.k.a Sparrow.