Thursday, October 23, 2008

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!

Risky Business: GET OVER IT!!!Congratulations, your opinion pieces pissed me off!!!! Throughout your whole argument you constantly contradicted yourself. How is it that the popularity of interracial dating is proof of racism?

Instead it seems you are the living proof of racism since you perceive interracial dating as a form of bringing back the wounds of the past, judge black men as being foreigners and white women as ugly because they are in interracial relationships. Because to me, interracial dating is living proof that racism is the past and that the youth of today have come to unite and moved away from such stigmas.

We are all DIFFERENT; whether we date people from the same or different race as ours they will always be complications. You could be black or white you will still have to learn about your partners hereditary.

Stop being ignorant because the physical can be blinding; it’s really not about being black or white, or who is wrong or right. None of use are perfect but, you need to start looking with the eyes of the heart because this is the only way you will find happiness.

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