Friday, October 3, 2008


By Babalwa

Anelisa Mente is young lady who has come to Rhodes with a young face. On the surface she would struck you like a shy, happy and innocent person, but deeper than she is addicted to Mxit as she puts its. She said the problem started in 2006 when she was doing grade 11, but at first she was not interested but her friends were. So she wanted to see what all this fuss was about, so she managed to get hold of Mxit and she started to chat and she never stopped until now.

She said in high school she used to just copy someone else’s work and hand in but in university things are different there are rules like if you do not do your work you would lose your DP, so she has to do readings and make sure that she does not Plagiarise or she will get excluded so she does not want to take that risk. Even though she said that she adds “I will not stop mxing even if that’s the case”. If she still manages to get the passing mark she does not see any reason stopping her from using Mxit. Even if she is studying for a test she would get bored and decide to take a 30 minute break and that will end up being 5 hours or the whole day of mxing.

“Its like I’m addicted to drugs” said Anelisa scratching her hair. Anelisa said she knows how drugs addicts feel because she is in the same boat as them and her academic work is suffering. She said she rather sacrifice her pocket money to grocer airtime so that she can log on to Mxit. Even if she has to buy food she makes sure that there is money left so that she gets airtime.

“I think I can get good marks if I delete Mxit” she said scratching her hair again. She does her work and manages to hand in time but she does her work in a hurry not much effort is put in the work. “I do things at the last minute because I waste my time chatting on Mxit”. She manages to get the passing mark and if she continues to get that passing mark she would never stop mxing.

“There is nothing that I could do even if I want to quit but I will mange to get hold of Mxit again” Anelisa said smiling her hair falling sideways as she was scratching it the minute we started the interview. She said that she does not mind people moving on to Facebook she will always stick to what she love “Mxit” because she knows she is not technology advanced so she better stick to what she knows and not run after things that are too complex for her.

“As you can see Mtshana(me) I do not even comb my hair because I do not have time I’m always online so I do not care how I look” she said biting her nails as she claims that they are on the way she can not type properly.

Anelisa suggest that Rhodes University opens a rehab for Mxit and Facebook addict otherwise she can not stop mxing. “I know I’m a risk taker but what can I do” those are the words that came out from the brave lady herself.

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David said...

Glad she doesn't have cellc - where mxit isn't charged for :-O :P