Friday, October 17, 2008

Are Rhodes Students Snobs or They Are Influenced By The Gtown Environment??

Looking at ones background you will get the sense of different indigenous cultures and traditions at Rhodes. However coming this little gurgle like – “world of fantasies for many students” Rhodes turns a blind eye and students adopts the aura of Rhodes, because Rhodes is predominantly white, being civilised, western and having the famous Paris Hilton’s accent is becoming a norm and regarded as being a snob.

Transformation and development in one’s life is not being snobbish but exactly progress in ones existence. Walking around campus with your iPod singing your favourite Britney Spears “Oops I did it again”, using the latest apple laptop for your assignments and diminishing from the typical Xhosa broken English to the “posh” Paris Hilton accent is not being snobbish. However little Grahamstown seems to be the world of dreams for many students as they are free to be what they want to, and allowing themselves to be transformed and venture into different cultures but yet adopting the Rhodes Culture is not being snobbish but letting the environment have an influence on your personality but not your values, roots and morals. But people outside of Rhodes see me as being snobbish just because I am part of the elite Rhodes students.

“She is such a snob and does not know her roots” my cousins would say just because I used the word expatiate instead of qonda (expatiate in Xhosa) in my sentence. Having to tell my cousins about my handsome boyfriend from Rhodes that I speak highly of is actually a “white” boy. “Are you serious?” “Are you crazy?” “Do you want to be white?” “Rhodes has turned you into a snob?” I was questioned about my “white” boyfriend by my cousins and the rest of the Port Elizabeth (my hometown) who think having a “white” boyfriend is snobbish.

I am not a snob now because I am at a posh or fancy varsity where public phones are referred to as Phone Booth or having to have a cheese and wine instead of “get together”. I do not understand how my pronunciation of the word determine without using the political accent of the word (de-te-mine) can identify if I qualify to be a Rhodes snobbish student or is my posture and the manner in which I interact with white people and have themed white dinner parties with The Thompson Family from Sandton.

I strongly believe that my presence in Rhodes amends and revive ones philosophical strategies but not in one’s being a snob. Coming to Rhodes has not changed me into a snob but into a better person that can easily influence the managing director of Media24 to let me shadow in his company for a week. Rhodes moulds its students by giving them the spotlight and letting us shine as bright as twinkling star in the dark sky. Rhodes is where leaders learn and creates the element of leaders with same level social standards and courtesy. Rhodes turned me into an independent, confident, philosophical balanced and well groomed with courtesy and negotiating skills and a perfect degree for my international ventures. Over and above, Rhodes hasn't changed us into a snobs but. On the divergent, it has given you a lease of life and the energy that goes with it . It is this characteristics that set you apart from other people who are less enthusiastic about this gift God gave to man – that is existence.

Moreover over the years Rhodes is regarded as the best institution for higher learning that accepts posh students from rich and powerful parents from all works of life. The good reputation of the institution is bound to spill over to its witty students. Contrary to popular believe, Rhodes hasn't changed its students into “snobbish” adult brats instead it has fine tuned the different personalities and broadens student’s horizons. Rhodents view the means of survival (this thing we call life) differently. However, the “snobbish” Rhodents still hold on steadfastly to their norms and values as we have not shunned our background. The body language and the manner we carry ourselves is not of snobbish or posh manner but exude our confidence. This buoyancy is misconstrued by some people as being snobbish, posh and bordering on utter arrogance.

Coming to Rhodes has not changed me into a snob but into practicing cultural relativism (accepting other cultures and not putting your culture as being superior).

Heredity is nothing but the Environment is Everything to ones personality!!!!!


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