Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trust Yourself

“Letter to Shaz,” on the blog called pressure points, brought back the memory of a letter I wrote to my younger self. This letter (letter to Shaz) conversed about the experience of turmoil times during ones youth which result in the realisation of the importance of life and the appreciation of self.
To the writer of this letter I truly appreciate how you emphasised on the subject of friends and how friends have the power of persuasion; this evoked the memory of my letter on how persuasion leads to compromising of self.
Your words to Shazaad, spoke to me. My letter spoke to my younger self about my experiences and to learn from them, I wanted her to remember to always know who she is and where she is going in life. You told Shazaad not to neglect certain parts of life and said to, “trust in yourself, only you know your true limits and stick to your principles.”
I thank you for empowering her in every way possible, making her believe that whenever she is disheartened positive thinking will help her overcome anything. This will make our younger selves appreciate the beauty of their minds because beyond doubt, thoughts do manifest into reality.

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