Thursday, October 2, 2008

A true First Year Hero...

Surviving first year isn’t easy for everyone as many different people experience different life changing experiences along their journey as a first year student. One particular student that captured my attention was a tall, short dark haired boy by the name of Patrick Vice. Patrick looks like an average student, but his first year experience at Rhodes is definitely one to be told, and appreciated. Patrick can be considered to be my “first year hero” as he is continuously taking risks with his life, risks that bring joy to one aspect, but jeopardizes another.
In the interview Patrick said that in first term he was a diligent student, always sticking to his daily routine and attending every lecture, but as first term came to an end he became more acquainted with the second years, which was a negative influence to his routine, academics and his health. “I became friends with the older generations and started partying more, and it dragged me down to attending 2 or 3 lectures a week.” Patrick is a BSC student which leaves him with almost no personal time at all. “I have three to four hour pracs every day, lectures, tuts and with the little time I have left I either gym or start drinking.” Patrick was really struggling to touch ground when he decided to get a girlfriend. “It affects everything; I’m spending more money now, neglecting my mates and have even less time to myself.” Even though Patrick’s day’s are filled with work and stress, he always manages to find time for what he loves the most, his sport. I really admire Patrick for making time for his sport, as it is the sport that brings him his most enjoyment in life, Patrick says even when his having a hectic day he will always make sure that he gets pleasure out of it, and make the most of his talents, even with a girlfriend draining him from his money, pracs draining his energy, he will always turn to the one thing that cannot be taken away from him, his ability to be active in as many ways as possible.
When asked what he hated the most about first year he said, “I hate having to put up with other alternative people, like the hippies, but generally I can get along with most people as I’m atheist and have liberal views.” Patrick still interacts a lot more with the second years but he has learnt not to be influenced into situations that discomfort him in anyway, therefore sticking to his own ideas and feelings. “I enjoy Partying with the second years, they are great guys, but sometimes they go a little overboard and that’s usually when I draw the line as I’ve learnt not to let anyone come in between me, my degree and my sport. Whenever time gets tough for me, I will always think about Patrick and his morals for life, we both love playing our sport, and he showed me that I shouldn’t allow anything to take away what I enjoy the most in life.

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