Friday, October 17, 2008

Gossip Girl

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I am sure that we have all heard the saying that Rhodes University is one of the smallest campuses in South Africa, which is true. One of my closes friend couldn’t have put it better when she always says, “Rhodes is like a bubble”. Part of this bubble, you will also agree with me, you will find that they are interesting and inquisitive first year students. I am sure by now you are wondering what the point of me telling you this is. My point is; if you are going to take a small campus like Rhodes which is like a bubble, and place fresh inquisitive first year students what are you bound to find? Gossip!

So, if you think that first year Rhodes female students do not have lives because they are always gossiping about other people, think again. Let me try to break it down for you, we first year females are, captivating, spontaneous, inquisitive and, extrovert human beings. Bored we definitely are not! Make note that in the beginning of this article I never said first year females but first years in general, thus this would also include that guys as well are gossipers.

It has always been said that females gossip more than males. But today I am telling you that males also gossip too, if not more than women, studies from have proven that 33 percent of men gossip almost EVERYDAY compared to 26 percent of women. But, ask any man if they gossip, and they will immediately without thinking about it say NO. They assert that it is ‘networking’.

You need to understand that gossiping happens EVERYWHERE, and that EVERYBODY does it, it happens in the residence that people live in, the dinning hall, lectures and even mostly of time starts from people’s statuses or comments on The only difference is that men are not willing to expose themselves because they think that this will prove that they are not man enough. Well you see us ladies are man enough to say up front that it is gossiping and yes we do, do it. We do it because we try to have interest in people nonetheless, we also do it because this campus is small and other peoples intriguing stories are continuously being shoved right in front of our faces even when we do not care. So please, tell me who never gossips, and I will tell you that that person lives in their own isolated insignificant world.

If you think that Rhodes is a gossip jungle and keep on moaning that girls here should mind their own business, for you incomplete information they are not the only people who gossip. And secondly, you should know by now that Rhodes is a small Las Vagues island and that what happens on this island does not stay in this island. So I compassionately suggest that you eliminate all you friends, stop parting because it contributes to your intriguing public display of the things you do when you are off campus, keep your business to yourself and try to make it as privet as you can, if you can. Or simply just do not pay your MIP next year and go to the University of Cape Town or some other bigger campus.

Until next time, you know I am right!
Gossip Girl

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