Friday, October 17, 2008

Dont you think we've heard enough

By Babalwa Ngcwayi
I think I have I do not know about everyone out there but I’m tired. I mean everyday you hear Rat and Parrot or Equilibrium. Can’t you people just stop going on and on about EQ and Friars and all these other places that people go to on a Friday night to drown themselves in alcohol, because the first thing people hear about Rhodes University is that the students go to Friars and EQ to enjoy themselves. A person can do whatever they want to do but can you imagine someone asking you about Rhodes and you go on and say ooh it’s a very small town and a great place and that person will be like well what I’ve heard is that the students at Rhodes University drink a lot, do not forget when they say the students you are also included. Doesn’t that make you feel ashamed? Really now doesn’t it talk to me on this one.
Can people just stop going on about these places not that I’m jealous or anything I’m not its just that I think we as students are promoting the wrong thing and Rhodes University on the other side is promoting alcohol awareness. Just bring it down a bit is that too much to ask. I know everyone does not want to be lectured by anybody except their parents in other cases but don’t you feel ashamed when the lecture says “I know what you were up to this weekend, EQ, Rat &Parrot and Friars”. Maybe some of you do not care because you do not have that pride in yourselves some of you go on about freedom what kind of freedom? is that where you do not take care of yourself and just do whatever everyone is doing. That is just not right and first years you know that your parents did not raise you like that.
Every blog that I’ve come across it just has to have something about Friars and the other one actually said that “Friars is one of the great places in Grahamstown”according to this blog . Its irritating to hear the same thing all the time I get so annoyed. Yeah we do know places where we as first year students can enjoy ourselves by now there is no need to rave about it everyday its October for Heaven sake. If students want to go to EQ they are welcome to but imagine a first year student in 2009 the first thing they ask you is “Is it true that you guys drink all the time” what would you say in that situation? Yep!! That’s what we do how. What kind of example are you setting if you encourage first year students who have come to Rhodes University with new faces?

I know it’s your first year experiences but come on with thee accidents occurring like the recent rape and smuggling you have to be careful when you go out. Every first year students is going to go through this path and when the time passes they are going to realise that it was not worth it but for now its an “in thing”. Cheers Bubbles

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Tut group one said...

Dear Blogger,

All is well put out my fellow rodent and your argument is well explained. I am only concerned about you use of identity as an excuse to cut down the lifestyles of the few who choose to go out and drink themselves to sleep. What I am is what I am. I do not need to be defined as what people say I am. Therefore when people talk about Rhodes as the place where people get drunk and rowdy, I am not part of the crowd. I am a Rhodes student. When people put me in the same boat with Rhodes it is because I learn here not because I am a drunk. The sooner you begin to realise that all the actions of people at Rhodes are for their self gratification and not to taint your reputation, the sooner you begin to do things for yourself and forget about the many. Realise that Rhodes is just a one minute stop, what people say about the actions of some people will not stick. The reputation attached to Rhodes is not going to change the strength of your degree. And besides if there is tension with the reputation attached to Rhodes, do not complain, change it or turn a blind eye. You are not going to be here forever.