Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Escapades of Spineless and Sparrow.


Felix said...

At last a cartoon worthy of the designation, an example that serves not to profane the hallowed work of such deities as Jonathan Shapiro and Dr Jack. I am particularly enamoured of the application of a dominant colour scheme to each of your strip-blocks and the general quality of the camera work. The dialogue captures the rustic flavour of the Western burr, while the outfitting and scenery serves to reflect the no-doubt considerable effort that you have put into the whole project. Self-deprecating without being farcical and risqué without being vulgar, it makes for a most enjoyable read. I do wish, though, that it wouldn't force me to strain my already myopic eyes to such unreasonable lengths in a bid to pick up the speech bubbles' content and often even the action itself. Is there not some way to enlarge the thing?


Cock said...

Blast. Wrong account. You get the point, though.